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Glutality: businessman Alex Shnaider invests in diabetes game changer

Glutality’s cloud-based platform can integrate with a myriad of medical devices, and the company envisions expanding its technological prowess to manage other diseases in the future.

Photo of Alex Shnaider courtesy of Daniel Foster
Photo of Alex Shnaider courtesy of Daniel Foster

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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare innovation, Glutality emerges as a beacon of hope for diabetes patients, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with compassionate care. With the substantial backing of businessman Alex Shnaider, both as an investor and mentor, Glutality is not just a company: it’s a life-saving venture that revolutionizes diabetes management.

Founded in 2020, Glutality has swiftly become a leader in remote patient monitoring. Boasting over 70,000 users across 44 states, the Florida-based startup provides real-time monitoring for diabetes patients. The integrated cellular connectivity in its medical devices tracks glucose readings 24/7, addressing the critical need for continuous monitoring in a condition where unexpected fluctuations can be life-threatening.

Glutality’s commitment to patient well-being extends beyond monitoring. CEO Spencer Weiss highlights that on any given day, they encounter numerous critical alerts during overnight hours. In response, the Glutality team initiates a prompt call to the patient, and if there’s no response, emergency responders are dispatched with lifesaving treatment. This immediate response is crucial in preventing diabetes-related emergencies.

In a poignant revelation, Weiss shares a personal story, stating, “My uncle has been living with diabetes for many years and suffered a severe infection in his foot that ultimately led to amputation that could have been avoided with the technology that Glutality employs.”

Billionaire businessman Alex Shnaider, born in Ukraine and one of Glutality’s original investors, goes beyond financial support.  Like Weiss, he was a young man when he launched his own company, and he uses his entrepreneurial knowledge to help guide him.

Alex Shnaider co-founded the Midland Group in 1994, shortly after he graduated from college in Canada. Midland Group specialized in strategic risk-taking, bartering, and supplying key materials that steel mills needed. It made its first steel mill investment in 1998, when with a partner, it privatized the Skopje Steel mill in Macedonia.

Midland Group’s growth came fast, and within five years, it had a controlling stake in Ukraine’s largest steel producer. Over the years, the company broadened its reach to include more steel mills in Eastern Europe, and later, other global investments.

Midland Group’s Alex Shnaider actively mentors CEO Spencer Weiss, contributing valuable insights and operational strategies. Shnaider’s diverse background brings a wealth of experience to Glutality’s leadership. Shnaider has bought and sold two sports teams, is the majority owner of Mishorim Real Estate Investments Ltd., a company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and is a longtime healthcare philanthropist in Canada and the US.

In a recent interview, businessman Alex Shnaider reflected on his involvement, stating, “This actually isn’t my first venture into MedTech, but I can certainly say that the need to find solutions for problems raised by COVID-19 has brought a whole lot of new blood into this field.”

Midland Group’s Alex Shnaider’s involvement in Glutality aligns with his longstanding commitment to healthcare philanthropy. His passion for finding solutions to challenges, especially those exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, underscores the significance of Glutality’s mission in the broader context of global health.

Glutality’s impact reaches beyond diabetes care. With a cloud-based platform that can integrate with a myriad of medical devices, the company envisions expanding its technological prowess to manage other diseases in the future. The goal is clear: making Glutality the standard of care for people with diabetes and beyond.

Glutality’s journey, fuelled by the visionary investment and mentorship of Midland Group’s Alex Shnaider, and the poignant testimony of CEO Spencer Weiss, signifies a remarkable stride in healthcare technology. As the company continues to redefine diabetes care, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration between business acumen and a commitment to saving lives.

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