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Facetune app brings ease to editing smartphone photos

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to deal with low quality images, and it is has even become possible to surpass many point-and-shoot cameras by using the technology that is built into iPhones and Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

In the past, if you wanted to edit the images that you took with your smartphone beyond simply cropping them, you were forced to export them to your computer. The Instagram app helped forever change consumer views about exactly how capable camera phones should be, and many skilled innovators heeded the call by designing photo editing apps that offer features that are similar to Photoshop. As an added bonus, the majority of these apps are free or relatively inexpensive, and this has made it possible for everyone to get the most out of their smartphone photos.

Using Instagram’s filters is a nice way to get started, but there are many more methods that you can take advantage of to edit your images. For example, Facetune became one of the most popular photo editing apps because it provided users with easy tools for enhancing every portion of their pictures. This powerful tool even made it possible for novices to do everything from whitening smiles to removing blemishes with ease. With this level of functionality for less than $4 USD, it is no wonder that Facetune became a top selling iPhone app in 127 countries.

Although Facetune is still a solid choice, there are always going to be new technological developments that have the potential to become game changers. Facetune’s development company, Lightricks, is poised to once again alter the way that people use their camera phones. Their latest offering, entitled Enlight, launched on March 12, and it has already earned high praise from hundreds of users and reviewers. According to Tech Crunch, this app is “jam-packed” with useful features and can easily be used by even “novice mobile photographers.”

Enlight is definitely an improvement over the typical mobile photo editing app, and it truly does bring some of the best aspects of Photoshop to life at a fraction of the cost. Users can perform all of the basic functions such as cropping an image, but they also have the freedom to correct exposure levels and use filters to turn their photos into works of art that look just like a painting. Other perks include fine detail adjustments to each image’s saturation, curves and contrast levels.

People who are interested in enhancing the quality of their smartphone photos without having to bounce between multiple apps will enjoy the easy to use interface. Even better is the fact that Enlight is robust enough that it can help users avoid opening multiple apps in order to get the final results that they are looking for. The closest competitor for this app is Photo Editor by Aviary, but Enlight has been able to improve upon Aviary’s functionality.

Photos are one of the most important mementos that each person has, and there are many moments that cannot be duplicated if you miss them the first time. This makes apps like Enlight even more important because they give you the opportunity to correct some of the mistakes that would otherwise render an image useless. Now that Enlight offers brand new tools that are advanced even beyond those that are available on desktop editing platforms, everyone from novices to professional photographers can get more out of their smartphones.

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