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Facebook extends work from home until 2021 (Includes interview)

As reported by CNBC, most Facebook employees will be allowed to continue to work from home through the end of 2020. It is also likely that other, largely office based businesses will follow suit.

The announcement follows on from Zuckerberg declaring earlier that since the vast majority of Facebook employees are able to do their jobs remotely, his organization felt “a responsibility to allow people who don’t have this flexibility to access shared public resources first.”

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Picking up on this news item (and future trend) Sam Naficy, CEO of Prodoscore tells Digital Journal about what this decision by Facebook means for the future of the workforce, across most sectors.

Naficy notes: “Facebook is showing true leadership by letting their staff work from home.”

He adds: “While the conventional wisdom is that most tech companies will follow Facebook’s lead and allow their staff to work from home, we expect professional services to follow suit, from accounting to law firms.”

In terms of consequences, Naficy says that this “means companies will need to adjust to this new normal to make sure they are providing the right level of mentorship and guidance to their staff. We don’t think spyware is the solution. Responsible companies will need to embrace technology that measures employee productivity transparently, and in a way that both managers and employees can benefit.”

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