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Every company needs data observability for data peace of mind offers the first true no-code data pipeline platform to simplify end-to-end data pipeline management, monitoring, and alerting.
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The amount of data managed within organizations is increasing dramatically due to multiple touchpoints across many platforms, external access points, and increasing complexities required to gain insight into data assets across that entire data ecosystem. The typical business today, irrespective of size, requires a data management solution through some combination of their own in-house built tools and third-party solutions for storing, managing, and operationalizing data. And if these companies are not leveraging a well-designed data platform, they are most likely inefficiently storing data across silos, making it impossible to gain insights for go-to-market  activities and to drive revenue growth. 

Thus lies the major challenge from the explosion of data and data touch points required for organizations to be successful. With every new data silo added to a business’s mix comes a separate and unique set of data pipelines that needs to be effectively integrated and managed along with all its other data sources, in order to provide a 360-degree view for the entire enterprise. That means the data must be available in a central repository (like a data warehouse), in a format that’s ready for real-time analysis to drive use of that data for successful business outcomes.

In many industries, the big players are incentivized to keep data stovepiped within their own platforms without interoperability in mind, making it even more challenging to create a single source of truth for analytics and reporting.  Without this single source of truth it’s impossible for companies to leverage the advanced analytical tools that enable success in the fast-paced, hypercompetitive world of actionable data insights.

Recognizing this critical challenge, especially for small and midsized organizations that don’t have sufficient in-house software engineering resources, San Francisco-based set out to offer the first true no-code data pipeline platform to simplify end-to-end data pipeline management, monitoring, and alerting. Using application connectors for hundreds of the most popular software tools across industries, is enabling organizations to unify all of their data into a central data warehouse quickly and reliably in a code-free manner.

In order to help companies ensure that their single sources of truth are up to date and accurate, has also just released its new, and free-to-use, Data Observability offering. Their existing customer base already has access,  including companies like 7-11, Heineken, Deloitt, and SamSung. Data Observability, which is now widely available, ensures the dependability of upstream data for business owners, monitors for data inaccuracies or issues in real-time, and sends alerts the second a problem arises anywhere in the data warehouse.

“Within a few minutes we had monitoring and alerting on all three of our critical data warehouse tables, which helps ensure our real-time data health and let’s our data team sleep better at night,” said Jason Gilmore, CEO of the online education provider Treehouse, an early adopter of’s new product offering. That type of constant, 360-degree visibility on all their mission-critical data provides businesses with the assurance that their data warehouse, dashboards, and data products are in perfect health.

“We kept hearing from our customers that they were struggling to monitor the health of their data warehouse and that it may take days or weeks to realize that they have data inconsistencies.” said Donal Tobin, CEO of “Companies need the ability to get alerted in real-time about any issues that arise as they can cause major issues downstream. We believe that every company should have 100% peace of mind with their data so that’s why we’ve launched our free Data Observability offering — allowing all companies to set up monitoring and alerts on their data sets.”

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George Nellist is a public relations, marketing and strategic brand expert who has executed social media and strategic marketing campaigns for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. For more information, visit Ascend Agency.

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