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Ethereum 2 and Polygon bug bounties – HUH Token challenge the community for Huge Rewards

HUH Token has confirmed that they will be releasing a $50,000 bug bounty to ensure that they address any potential issues that may be discovered.

HUH Token
Photo courtesy HUH Token
Photo courtesy HUH Token

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Ethereum 2, otherwise known as Eth 2, and Polygon have both used bug bounties as a way to improve security and to stop unethical hackers using exploits in their system. HUH Token has confirmed that they will be releasing a $50,000 bug bounty to ensure that they address any potential issues that may be discovered.

This will provide an additional layer of assurance to investors, as bug bounties are conducted to find issues before those with malintent do. HUH Token has incorporated elements of Ethereum and Weifund’s bug bounty system into their own, a step that indicates this cryptocurrency’s intention of constantly improving and becoming a stronger project.

A bug bounty is an offer to both the public and organisations. It invites anyone to report bugs, exploits and vulnerabilities in the security system and function of a cryptocurrency. The bounty part of the assignment is the compensation that an individual or corporation receive if they discover any issues during their examination.

Much like Ethereum, HUH Token will enable a leader board system. Each time someone discovers a potential issue, they will email a report with the information to a dedicated email address ([email protected]). The Bounty Panel then evaluates the report, and then decides on the number of points a participant will be allocated for their discovery. Each point is equivalent to 1 USD.

The number of points will be decided based on a few different factors, one of which is the severity of the bug. This is determined by examining the impact the issue could cause and the likelihood of it occurring consistently. Another factor is the quality of the description given. Finding problems in a system is excellent, but an inability to articulate them may result in an uninterpretable report that the team cannot act on. 

The quality of reproducibility is mentioned as an additional factor. Scripts, test codes and detailed instructions are important to include so that the bugs can be replicated and verified easily. The final contributing factor is the quality of the fix if it is included. Whilst issues can be reported without a resolution attached, those with high-quality solutions are rewarded with extra points.

This common practice has been demonstrated time and time again. For example, Polygon has paid an ethical hacker named Gerhard Wagner a substantial amount of money because of issues that he discovered. In addition, Ethereum 2 (Eth 2) also offers the ability to earn up to $50,000 for finding client bugs that they can then address. HUH Token are introducing the bounty to continue growing a harmonious ecosystem to join them on their crypto world journey.

These rewards may seem extreme to many, but they will save Ethereum 2, Polygon and HUH Token untold amounts of money in the long run. This is due to the fact that unethical hackers will use the exploits they find to bankrupt cryptocurrencies and those invested in them.

Just as with Eth 2 and Polygon, HUH Token also has conditions within their bug bounty. Their bug bounty has no time limit, suggesting that they are in the market for the long haul. Users can also make anonymous submissions if they do not want their public name on the leader board. 

They also invite white hat hackers to use all vectors for their investigation except those that could have significant drawbacks for the HUH ecosystem. Those participating should also consider that the bounty does not include the HUH Tokens website or its infrastructure.

HUH Token offering $50,000 for those who can reach the top of the leader board will excite many. HUH Token has shown it is willing to continue developing by offering up rewards that match or exceed other currencies, such as Ethereum 2 and Polygon. The maximum bug bounty is up for grabs. Who will be the first to reach it? Pull requests for the bug bounty campaign documents at the development branch are welcome here:

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