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Entrepreneur Joshua Denne and the value of your digital identity

Entrepreneur and investor Joshua Denne is changing the way we view our assets and laying the groundwork for what might soon be considered everyone’s greatest asset—their digital identity.

Joshua Denne
Photo courtesy Joshua Denne
Photo courtesy Joshua Denne

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If you were to ask someone what their greatest, most valuable asset is, chances are many people would give answers like, a piece of real estate, a car, or perhaps equity in a company or even financial investments. But long-time entrepreneur and investor Joshua Denne is changing the way we view our assets and laying the groundwork for what might soon be considered everyone’s greatest asset—their digital identity. 

After years of investing and building various businesses, Denne is now launching a business called SDK Co. with values that are near and dear to his heart—privacy and protection. These days, when browsing the internet, consumers all over the world are at risk of their personal information and data being sold, traded and distributed. Living in a world where the major social media platforms and big tech companies are now the gatekeepers of the data and information of people worldwide, Denne is one of the few radicals helping people realize the value and importance of owning and controlling one’s own digital identity and data. 

Recent studies and articles have revealed that, at the rate we’re going, humans’ digital versions of themselves will soon be more valuable than their physical selves. With this revelation, Denne has developed the up-and-coming tech solutions company with resources that are backed by blockchain technology, ultimately giving each user dominion over their information and data. While most consumers’ privacy is inevitably compromised, Denne’s company offers solutions like a new device called the Meta Zero and the Meta One that places value on privacy, calling it the new luxury.

The Zero, available now, offers an alternative to commercial devices, with the capability of keeping the user’s identity encrypted at all times, allowing them to be sovereign over their data, phone calls and messages. And coming soon, the Meta One device will function like a smartphone, and vary from competitors with its ability to toggle between lifestyle mode and private mode. Users will be able to use lifestyle mode for social media sites, etc. whereas privacy mode will not share or leak any of the user’s personal information/identity.

With the digital world infiltrating all parts of life in today’s society, Denne is at the forefront of a new train of thought that focuses on reclaiming the digital identity of users, giving them the power and control over their information. As our world continues to migrate even further into the digital world, Denne hopes that this company will help educate and inform users on how they can reclaim responsibility and ownership of their data with the help of tech solutions like SDK Co. 

To learn more about the company, visit their website and to learn more about Joshua Denne, follow him on Instagram or check out his website

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