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Embarking on a transformative educational experience with the Sing In Chinese app

Sing in Chinese app turns Mandarin learning for kids into a fun educational journey with 100+ tone-accurate songs and gamified lessons

Image courtesy of Lynn Tien, Sing in Chinese
Image courtesy of Lynn Tien, Sing in Chinese

This article is Sponsored Content by Lynn Tien, Sing in Chinese

Mandarin Chinese, spoken by 1.2 billion people globally, ranks as the second most widely used language, fostering cultural understanding and providing profound insights into the global community, thereby enhancing future career prospects. This realization has led an increasing number of parents to seek practical ways for their children to learn Mandarin effectively.

The Sing in Chinese app, an emerging educational platform, has gained support from nearly 180 backers on Kickstarter, addressing the growing demand for quality Mandarin language education. Featuring over 100 original Chinese songs meticulously crafted for tone accuracy, the app offers a melodic learning experience, contributing to an authentic language learning environment. Introducing a distinctive approach through singing-based methods, the app fosters meaningful conversations, enabling children to grasp complete Chinese sentences for practical use.

Designed for children, the app transforms the process of learning Chinese into an enjoyable adventure through a gamified musical journey that engages learners dynamically and interactively, making the educational experience both enjoyable and effective.

In its commitment to fostering an enriched language-learning environment, the Sing In Chinese app leverages the power of music, audiation, and tonality to elevate the educational experience. Boasting over 100 tone-accurate proprietary songs using a patent-pending method, bite-sized lessons, engaging karaoke sessions, and interactive games, the app immerses young learners in Mandarin through the captivating medium of music.

Notably, the Sing In Chinese app goes beyond conventional methods by seamlessly integrating audiation and tonality, introducing a distinctive dimension to language education. Audiation, the cognitive ability to mentally hear and comprehend music without external stimuli, takes center stage as a foundational element intricately woven into the app’s design, creating an authentic language learning environment and deepening young users’ understanding of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

The app sets itself apart through a rich array of interactive features meticulously designed to elevate the learning experience. One standout feature is the interactive map, a dynamic tool that takes young learners on an exciting journey through Sing in Chinese land, offering a visual and interactive representation of the educational landscape.

Animated pets accompany young learners throughout their language-learning adventure, providing delightful companionship and adding an element of fun to the educational journey. These endearing virtual pets engage children emotionally and serve as interactive elements that contribute to a more immersive and enjoyable learning experience.

The inclusion of student videos is another impactful feature that enhances the learning journey by showcasing other children modeling the language-learning process. This feature offers young users relatable examples, fostering a sense of connection and motivation.

Colorful illustrations paired with songs create a multisensory learning experience that aids comprehension. Visual elements complement the auditory aspect of language learning, reinforcing vocabulary and concepts through vibrant and engaging imagery, appealing to different learning styles.

Additionally, the app offers a structured learning path with 20 levels, featuring bite-sized lessons, games, and karaoke sessions, ensuring a progressive and comprehensive learning experience. The incorporation of gamified elements transforms language learning into an enjoyable and rewarding activity, motivating children to actively participate and excel in their Mandarin language acquisition.

The Sing in Chinese app has fostered a vibrant and supportive community of parents who recognize and appreciate its positive impact on their children’s language skills. This community engagement is indicative of the app’s ability to resonate with parents seeking effective and enjoyable ways for their children to learn Mandarin.

The recently concluded Kickstarter campaign, backed by nearly 180 supporters, not only exceeded its funding goals but also highlighted the widespread belief in the app’s potential to revolutionize Mandarin language education for children. The collective support from backers underscores the shared vision of empowering children with a valuable skill set through a unique blend of music, gamified learning, and interactive features.

Available for iOS and Android devices

Those intrigued by this educational journey can download the Sing In Chinese app:

Meet the Founder: Lynn Tien

With over 20 years of teaching experience, founder Lynn Tien initiated this venture to bridge the gap between traditional language learning methods and the digital era. Having impacted over 1,000 children through language schools and Mandarin Immersion preschools, the commitment is to revolutionize how children learn Mandarin.

Users are invited to explore the Sing In Chinese app with no strings attached, exploring a seven-day free trial.

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