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Op-Ed: Dragonfly hyperscooter has a base price of $5,000

Williman invented retractable crowd barriers

Williiman led the Tensator Group. The Tensator Group invented Tensabarriers designed to keep crowds in line at airports, concerts, theaters, and many other places. The Group became the largest crowd control company globally.

Williman is now CEO and founder of the D-FLy Group based in London in the UK. Williman sees his e-scooter project as in some ways like his former project: “In many respects this latest venture of mine is related because it’s about people still waiting in line but waiting in their vehicles and the related issues, the costs that waiting and that congestion and that isolation causes the world and the problems around it.”

The Dragonfly e-Scooter

The D-Fly Group explains that their scooter is hyper in that it uses automotive grade manufacturing, advanced materials, cutting-edge engineering and technology. These features are applied to their Dragonfly in what they call the micromotility sector.

The DragonFly does use premium materials such as carbon fiber, 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum, and paulownia wood. The powertrain has dual motors and a top speed of 38 mph. Traction control gives each wheel 1,800 watts, and plenty of torque. There is a battery option that gives the scooter a range of 28.5 miles. The Full-Tilt steering technology is inspired by Formula One racing and uses a three dimensional tilt and twist control combination on a central pillar.

The scooter has a 4.5 inch display 4K with ultra-high-definition. Riders can access various apps and also view their speed. They can even use GPS by pairing with a smartphone using Bluetooth. The scooter also sports a high quality sound system so you can blast out tunes while cruising along.

DragonFly has a hyper price tag

The base three wheel model starts at a huge $5,000. For the four-wheel version it is about $6,000. If you also want options the price becomes even more absurdly high. Full pricing will be announced closer to the launch date some time in the mid-2020s.

If you are satisfied with just 15.5 miles per hour and a limited range also of 15.5 miles you could buy the Segway ES2 which you can get for about $479 on Amazon. However, the Dragon could be bought by billionaires to give to other rich people who have everything but the Dragonfly. On the other hand, perhaps there are those who cannot afford a new car just waiting to ride in style and to show off their new $5,000 Dragonfly.

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