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Digital patterns: National variations in online fraud

These data reveal that the U.S. ranks first with the highest total number of online fraud victims in the world.

Reading news on the go. — © Digital Journal
Reading news on the go. — © Digital Journal

New research has revealed the countries that are the most susceptible to online fraud. This research was conducted by the company SEON and it has assessed the overall state of online fraud across the globe and different age demographics.

The objective of the review was to identify who is more susceptible to cybercrimes. Much of the rise in cybercrime was driven by considerable growth in global transaction volume. From the new analysis, the ten top countries for internet fraud were:

RankCountryVictim CountCountry GDPPopulationGDP per Capita
1United States465,177$20.95t329.5m$63,593
2United Kingdom216,633$2.76t67.2m$41,059
7South Africa1,754$335b59.3m$5,656

These data reveal that the U.S. ranks first with the highest total number of online fraud victims in the world (465,177). The high number of online fraud victims suggests that citizens are being targeted by online fraudsters as a result of the country’s large economy.

The U.K. ranks second with a total of 216,663 online fraud victims. While the U.K. has less than half the number of victims in the USA, the UK has a population of around 20 percent that of the U.S., suggesting that the nation state has a much bigger internet fraud problem for its relative size.

Canada ranks third with a count of 5,399 online fraud victims. The number of online fraud victims in Canada is considerably lower than that of the U.S. and the U.K, suggesting that these two countries are far ahead in terms of being targets of online fraud.  Canada’s victim count is almost double that of fourth-place India, which saw 2,930 fraud victims over a population of approximately 1.38 billion.

The data this presents a divergent picture of digital fraud cases, with some relationship with the relatively wealth of the country that is targeted.

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