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Dell & FacilityConneX launch smart building IoT process

The new project between the two technology companies combines real-time monitoring, based on commissioning works and Internet of Things technology developed by Dell, GE and FacilityConneX. The aim is to create a more comprehensive and proactive intelligent building solution that increases maintenance cost savings.

The aim with the smart buildings is to create something that is more energy efficient and which enhances comfort of the staff. This concept has been applied to Dell’s Hopkinton campus, which is located in the state of Massachusetts in the U.S.

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In terms of the technological aspects, the new solution is built on Dell’s Internet of Things Edge Gateway and FacilityConneX’s real-time monitoring and commissioning platform (which, in turn is powered by GE Digital’s Predix portfolio).

By applying this technology, this will enable Dell staff to take a proactive approach to the management of the 313,679 square foot building and the 600 or so assets. The objective is to achieve savings of up to 25 percent on air system energy use. This can be achieved by making modifications to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system via the application of real-time monitoring and commissioning. The technology includes systems for the verification of energy reduction and for identifying of energy conservation measures.

According to Paul Fitzgerald, Vice President, Facilities Management, Dell: “The incorporation of IoT solutions and increased utilization of real-time analytics is an initiative that we have not only made available to our customers, but something we leverage for the advancement of Dell facilities as well.”

He adds: “Through the combination of FacilityConneX’s real-time monitoring solution and our IoT Edge Gateway solution, we’ll be able to gain actionable insights for more effective decision making with maintenance and management efforts at our Hopkinton campus. We look forward to advancing our smart building capabilities and becoming more proactive in our facility management efforts.”

Other areas where the smart technology will be applied includes fault detection and diagnostics, together with the analysis of big data to draw out key inferences and to help to develop metrics.

Other advantages arising from the smart building project, the project will offer security for data aggregation and cloud I Internet of Things technology connectivity. System security will be boosted Dell’s gateway technology

The project will also serve as a model that other companies can consider for their workplaces. Such approaches are increasingly becoming the standard, with companies seeking cost and energy savings from the smart building concept as well as seeking to prevent problems before they occur (instead of fixing them after), which is another area where costs can be controlled.

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