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Dell announces new 2-in-1 Chromebook for education

Dell revealed its new Chromebook family at the BETT education tech show in London this week. It follows Google’s announcement of expanded security features in G Suite for Education which could make Chromebooks more attractive to schools. Dell said it wants to provide a “comprehensive portfolio” of options to help students learn using tech.
The Dell Chromebook 5000 series comes in two variants. The basic model is a regular 11-inch clamshell laptop, joined by a 2-in-1 convertible that’s more portable for students. The increased versatility could extend the device’s classroom applications. It also saves desk space if the keyboard’s not being actively used.
As the family is aimed firmly at schools, internal hardware isn’t anything remarkable. Dell’s choice of components is typically endurance-oriented, with the range’s Intel Celeron processors providing all-day battery life. Connectivity is modest and centred around USB Type-C peripheral compatibility. The range also supports stylus input for an authentic writing experience on the convertible device.
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Dell’s paid attention to the need for durability. It said the Chromebook 5000 is rated to withstand 1000 “micro-drops,” which the company defines as a fall of less than 4-inches from multiple angles. This is designed to address the scuffs, scrapes and scratches likely to be incurred as students use the device each day. Dell’s also tested the laptops with 30-inch and 48-inch drops onto steel, representative of a fall from a classroom desk onto the hardest possible floor surface.
While all these features are now fairly standard on education PCs, they help ensure Dell’s line-up is competitive with rival brands. The company’s not the only firm to have launched new school-friendly devices this week. Manufacturers from across the edutech scene have also made announcements at BETT, with both Chrome OS and Windows 10 gaining new launches from partners. Dell said that technology can “transform” education by increasing flexibility, helping learning to be more efficient.
“Technology can help educators transform traditional classrooms into flexible environments that enable 21st century learning anytime, anywhere,” said Dell. “Dell EMC, the infrastructure solutions business of Dell Technologies, partners with schools to enable them to reinvent teaching and learning in a way that embraces the digital age. Together, we design learning experiences that encourage interaction, collaboration and creativity among teachers and students alike.”

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