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Decentraland continues to appreciate from launch – HUH Token’s imminent release could be a must buy

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that will be available to the public in a matter of days. [Sponsored]

HUH Token
Photo courtesy HUH Token
Photo courtesy HUH Token

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Decentraland and its native cryptocurrency MANA has continued to increase in value since its release to the public on the 20th of February 2020. Decentraland is one of the cryptocurrencies that have continued to benefit from the recent surge of interest surrounding the metaverse. 

The future is an exciting topic for investors to contemplate at the moment. With many purchasing MANA, the cryptocurrency has seen tremendous success. However, Decentraland’s MANA was not in a bad position before Facebook made their crypto-warping name change and shared their future vision.

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that will be available to the public in a matter of days. HUH Token is in presale, meaning that the opportunity to join their community (HUH Nation) is rapidly disappearing. Becoming an early holder of a cryptocurrency has resulted in many people receiving significant returns on a number of currencies.

HUH Token could follow a similar pattern to Decentraland and its crypto MANA. With an increase in the number of people buying and selling cryptocurrencies, it is feasible that HUH Token could even surpass the growth rate of a variety of cryptos. 

All decisions regarding MANA and LAND within Decentraland are dictated through a decentralised autonomous organisation, otherwise known as a DAO. A DAO allows all the users of the cryptocurrencies to make decisions through a voting system to no central authority may make the decision. 

This is popular among those who join a cryptocurrencies journey as they can be directly involved and collaboratively make decisions that could affect its future. This could be a contributing factor to Decentraland’s success.

Decentraland launched at a price of $0.03605, according to In only 17 days, the value of MANA had skyrocketed by approximately 80% to hit a value of $0.06525.

Fast-forwarding a few months into August 2020, the price of Decentraland had increased all the way up to $0.1084. This was a massive increase of slightly over 200% before Facebook’s name change to Meta was announced.

Moving to the present day, MANA currently has a value of approximately $4.94. This would mean that anyone who became a holder of this Decentraland currency at launch would have had a return on investment of over 13,000%. To further illustrate the potential returns, a $1000 purchase at the launch price and then selling today would have returned almost $140,000. 

Decentraland is not the only cryptocurrency to demonstrate such incredible increases in market value. HUH Token is a new token that has ambitions to become one of the most widely traded cryptos on the market. With the vast influx of investors, HUH Token’s progression may be quicker than many others as they offer many promising features. 

Some of these features include their unique referral system that generates BNB (Binance) when others use the referral link, continuous generation of HUH Token for those holding it, and a rumoured social media campaign that will make them a widely known name in the crypto space.

Combining these features gives HUH Token the ability to reduce risk and increase the potential returns of those who decide to become holders. Producing generational wealth is one of the currencies goals, and this seems like a productive way to achieve it, placing a vast amount of control into the holder’s hands.

Decentraland and its crypto MANA have demonstrated that these value increases are possible even before the cryptocurrency market was as popular as it is now. Those returns were most dramatic the earlier people became holders. HUH Token could see percentages increase of 20,000% in a time frame shorter than Decentraland. The determining factor on how much benefit people receive from HUH Token may be how early they manage to join their continuously growing holder count.

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