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Cows need love too — Farmers set up ‘Tudder’ dating app for cows

“Tudder” is a mix of the words “Tinder” and “udder.” Basically, it’s an app that can be used to find the perfect mate for a cow or bull. All it takes is a smartphone, just like the human dating app. Playing “moo-pid,” a farmer swipes right for yes and left for no in the search for the perfect match.

The app, created by UK farming start-up Hectare Agritech, has data on over 42,000 farms in eight countries. The company runs SellMyLivestock (SML) and grain marketplace, Graindex, a UK-based online agritech trading platform.

Doug Bairner, the CEO of Hectare Agritech explained that farmers can find data such as milk yield, protein content, or calving potential using the app. The company’s platforms are based on blockchain trading API which uniquely links into farming software and databases to provide real-time insight into the supply chain.

“Matching livestock online is even easier than it is to match humans because there’s a huge amount of data that sits behind these wonderful animals that predict what their offspring will be,” he said, according to Reuters.

The SellMyLivestock website was introduced in 2014 and Bairner says one-third of UK farms already use it to trade animals. The new “Tudder” app links to the Sell My Livestock website. The Tudder app is “just a bit of fun,” especially coming out on Valentine’s Day.

The App store has even joined in on the fun – including using some pretty terrible puns. For example, the app “seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates” and is designed for farmers “playing the role of moo-pid.”

Playing the role of moo-pid  farmers can download the app  and through their phone swipe right for y...

Playing the role of moo-pid, farmers can download the app, and through their phone swipe right for yes and left for no in the search for the perfect match.
Apple Online

Some of the listings on Tudder this week include pedigree Welsh Black cows from a farm in Conwy, Holstein Friesian heifers from County Cork in Ireland and pedigree Simmental breeding heifers in Oxfordshire.

According to the New York Post, a cattle farmer and Tudder user James Bridger said it reduces transport stress for animals and may rival traditional markets.

“You’ve got all this data of its background and everything which if you’re at a market you might not have had the time to go through for every single random animal,” he said.

SellMyLivestock has listed over $64 million of livestock, feed and bedding to sell in the last year, proving beyond a doubt that farmers are embracing technology. “Despite the rest of the world’s view of farming, it’s actually very technologically driven,” Bairner said, citing “precision spraying, automated dairy units, and the genetic science behind breeding technology.”

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