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Clearwave Connect: Tablet-based medical checkin application

The offering is called Clearwave Connect, which is a new WiFi enabled tablet-based application aimed at healthcare practices. The objective of the digital technology is to speed-up the check-in process through the use of multiple check-in form factors. The service also aims to simplify the check-in process.

The device also enables healthcare facilities to increase the digital collection of patient data, permitting various data analytics solutions to be run.

Digital records also provide an element of data security and back-up. Furthermore, by creating an electronic record of important patient information, data can be seen and used by authorised staff in other areas of the health and care system involved in the patient’s direct care.

The advantages of the new system include:

Multiple options for patient check in, including the use of tablets, kiosks or Mobile
Pre-Check™. Each allows for patient self-service registration.
Insurance eligibility verification, with the system providing real-time, accurate responses to insurance checks.
Secure payment collection, enabling patients can swipe their credit card at the tablet or kiosk.
Co-pays and outstanding balances can be automatically collected.
Data collection and integration.
Clearwave offers thirteen different languages and customizeable forms.

Commenting on the new technology, Mike Lamb, CEO of Clearwave says: “Clearwave Connect is an important step towards our mission of providing patients and practices the best and most flexible self-check-in solutions available.”

He adds: “With Connect, we provide customers more flexibility in enhancing their practices whether it is through improving the patient experience, making informed decisions with data, or increasing office efficiency and performance.”

To mark the launch event, Clearwave is hosting a virtual launch event for their announcement. This event will be able to provide you real-time information on this virtual launch with the executives at Clearwave as they reveal their new product.

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