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Cashierless retail is becoming more mainstream

But how does the store charge you?

Inokyo works by having customers scan in and out of the store using a QR code. Cameras are placed all over the store, and they track when a customer picks up an item, adding it to their “virtual cart,” and puts back an item, removing it from their cart.

The company only has a pop up store in Mountain View, California for the time being, using it as a testing ground for products that they’re considering stocking in the permanent store, Inokyo co-founder Tony Francis told TechCrunch.



It looks like cashierless shopping isn’t just exclusive to Amazon Go , with Inokyo and Indiana-based convenience store chain Ricker’s both coming out with cashierless checkout experiences.

According to Juniper Research, ‘invisible payment’ technologies like Amazon Go are expected to process $9.8 billion in transactions this year. That number increases dramatically to $78 billion in transactions by 2022.

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