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Cases that are as smart as your phone

By the year 2018, it is predicted that more than 220 million people will own smartphones in the United States. This is a considerable growth since 2010 when just under 63 million people were using smartphones. With the growth of smartphone use, the need for protective cases for those phones has also grown and today, it is possible to get a smartphone case that is just as smart as your phone. Phone cases today can do everything from finding your keys to charging your phone while it is in the case.

Bikn offers a phone with its own app that not only helps you find your phone, but also lets you use your phone to find other things. The app connects to tiny tags that you can attach to key rings, wallets, backpacks or anything else you have a habit of misplacing. As an even added bonus, you can use the tags to locate your phone, even if it is dead or turned off. The app allows you to not only find items, but also alert you if something tagged moves outside a set range. For example, you can attach a tag to a child’s belt loop when at the playground. If the child moves outside the range you have set, an alarm sounds on your phone. It also allows you to connect other cases so that you can find all the phones in your home. The case charges using a standard USB connection and is currently only available for iPhone.

Thinoptics has the perfect case for those who suffer from presbyopia, an age-related sight problem caused by the gradual thickening and loss of flexibility in the eye that causes people to be unable to focus on printed material. Because the text on smartphones is usually small, it is difficult for those who suffer from presbyopia to see texts or websites on their phone. Thinoptics offers a case with a small pocket that holds a pair of flexible reading glasses. If you already have a case for your phone that you like, Thinoptics offers an adhesive pod that will hold the glasses as well. The glasses are available in strengths from +1.50 to +2.50. It is also possible to purchase the reading glasses separately should you need to change strengths.

The battery life of smartphones is much less than other types of phones, which is why many users find it necessary to carry portable chargers or cords so that they can replenish the battery when they are away from home. Mophie offers a smartphone case that actually charges your smartphone. The case has a switch so it can be turned off when your phone is charged or on when your battery is low. It charges with your phone when it is plugged into an outlet, allowing your phone to charge first before the case is charged. It is currently only available for the iPhone6, but there are other cases available that can charge other iPhone versions or Android phones.

These cases not only offer great protection for your phone, but also provide additional benefits, such as location services, charging capabilities and assistance with reading texts for those with sight problems. As technology in phones grows, it appears that technology in cases will grow as well.

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