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Canada To Deport U.S. Sex Offender

MONTREAL — A convicted sex offender facing a long prison term in the United States was ordered deported from Canada on Friday.

Robert Walker, 32, was convicted in absentia on Jan. 23 in Connecticut on charges related to the kidnapping and repeated rape of his ex-girlfriend. He faces a maximum of 186 years in prison.

Immigration and Refugee Board Adjudicator Rolland Ladouceur said Walker, a U.S. citizen, was expected to be returned to Connecticut next week.

Under Canadian immigration law, the government can refuse entry to anyone who committed a crime outside of Canada if punishment for the same crime would be at least 10 years in Canada.

Ladouceur noted Walker’s 1991 convictions for robbery and sexual assault would have been punished with a life sentence in Canada

“I thereby order your deportation from Canada,” Ladouceur said.

Walker failed to appear in court Jan. 22 in Middletown, Conn. for the end of his trial.

Walker’s lawyer, Stephen Fogarty, said his client entered Canada the same day from New York, jumping his U.S. bail of $200,000.

Walker was arrested in Canada on Feb. 18 at a gas station in Quebec.

He was convicted in absentia and a Connecticut judge later increased his bail to $1.2 million.

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