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Tech & Science has 8.7% Bull Babies in February

After providing gains of over 112% for investors in nine months of 1997, continued to amaze skeptics by avoiding a sophomore jinx.
In 1998, the portfolio outpaced all markets by providing
its members with an 81.2% gain. In 1999, the trend continued and the
BullTrade portfolio ended the year with an additional 78.4% gain. Using
compounding figures on a yearly basis, a $10 000 investment in April of
1997 would have produced a total portfolio value of $68 500 as of the
end of 1999.

The BullTrade portfolio is off to a hot start this year, up 21.4%
year-to-date. After beginning Y2K with a 12.7% gain in January, the portfolio once again proved itself by netting an 8.7% gain
in February despite the extreme volatility in the market. The biggest
gainers in the portfolio were Exodus (Nasdaq:EXDS) at a 15.3% gain,
Antec (Nasdaq:ANTC) at a 15.4% gain, Worldcom (Nasdaq:WCOM) at a 14.1%
gain and Dell (Nasdaq:DELL – news) at a 10.5% gain.

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Tech & Science

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