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Breaking barriers: hihilulu’s unique approach to global language acquisition with AI

hihilulu is an online education platform tailored for young children learning the Chinese language

Photo courtesy of hihilulu
Photo courtesy of hihilulu

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Artificial intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence in machines, aiming to replicate human thought and behavior. It spans domains like robotics, language recognition, and expert systems. Evolving over time, it finds applications in education, media, and natural language processing. 

While not human, AI can mimic and potentially surpass human cognitive abilities. It aids education through personalized learning and assessment, enhances media with content recommendations and intelligent editing, and streamlines workflows in natural language processing through tasks like speech recognition and text generation.

hihilulu is an online education platform tailored for young children learning the Chinese language. By integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its extensive content library, incorporating various media and natural language processing, hihilulu plans on enhancing its offerings in several ways:

  • Content enrichment: AI extracts video content, summarizes it, and generates popular keywords (pan-tags) for precise video classification, enabling accurate video recommendations aligned with users’ learning progress.
  • AI speech assessment: By analyzing a child’s audio, AI evaluates pronunciation, sentence structure, and comprehension, correcting pronunciation and refining grammar skills.
  • AI voice dialogue: Simulating real-life scenarios, AI engages children in dialogues, aiding in learning common phrases and grammar concepts, forming complex sentences, and improving conversational skills.
  • Personalized teaching: AI creates tailored one-on-one tutoring environments by generating virtual images based on students’ learning status and needs. It also generates related graphic content for post-class exercises, enhancing engagement and teaching quality.

In their pursuit of optimal voice evaluation solutions, hihilulu navigated a complex landscape of challenges and opportunities. Initially exploring solutions from industry giants like Baidu, Google, and iFlyTek, they encountered roadblocks rooted in three pivotal realities:

  1. The scope of Chinese voice data remained restricted, hampering comprehensive solutions.
  2. Bans on Chinese voice data companies’ operations in the US and EU hindered establishing local servers, impacting the user experience and evaluation outcomes.
  3. American and Chinese AI giants lacked sufficient global children’s voice data essential for accurate child voice evaluation in foreign language learning, especially for learning Chinese.

Within this landscape, hihilulu recognized a fundamental truth: effective tech application extends beyond claims; it relies on tangible improvements in user experience. CEO Jennifer Huang emphasized the importance of appreciating linguistic nuances in children’s speech, highlighting the necessity for evolving learning tools to accommodate diverse accents and linguistic subtleties.

“Every child’s way of speaking is a unique piece of the language puzzle. Our evaluation systems should appreciate these differences for accurate and supportive interactions. When Italian and Spanish-speaking kids tackle Chinese—they’ll bring their own accents into the mix. Over time, our learning tools should strive for ever-improving connections with these linguistic nuances.” says Jennifer Huang, CEO of hihilulu.

While the industry celebrates AI and Generative AI, the execution’s stark reality remains obscured. hihilulu, however, possesses invaluable children’s voice data from diverse backgrounds, offering a unique advantage poised for future leveraging, showcasing their confidence in navigating this intricate landscape. As the company moves forward, it envisions leveraging the power of this diverse data repository, reshaping the convergence of AI, user experience, and global connectivity.

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