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Apple iOS11 presents opportunities for app developers

The Thyng 4.0 application was built on a highly scalable, cloud-based augmented reality platform invented by Ed LaHood and built by Thyng’s developers. A key aim is to support commercial applications of augmented reality although the application can also be used by everyday consumers.

Virtual tour
Thyng 4.0 allows the user to bring any surface to life by creating an augmented reality experience. This is achieved by using a photograph or video content selected directly from the iPhone or iPad album.

In developing augmented reality applications, the Thyng 4.0 allows a user to ‘virtually’ walk around the created augmented reality scenes in real space and view the scenes from any perspective. This includes walking behind photographs to obtain a different perspective (the images can be viewed in reverse).

New creative business options
In terms of business applications, the app allows the user to scan a specific product, logo, or image and then quickly initiate a Thyng augmented reality experience overlaid onto the real-world item. As an example, a food manufacturer could scan a cereal box. This would create a recipe video being played on the box. Alternatively a three-dimensional version of the product mascot could appear. Alternatively, a “Buy Now” button could be displayed where one click leads the consumer to a product store.

In a statement, Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng said: “With Thyng 4.0, augmented reality can now be used for self-expression and for creating your own experiences. What better way to express yourself than by using your own photos and videos to create amazing augmented reality environments that can exist anywhere — in your home, outside, or anywhere you go!”

Thyng 4.0 represents just one of many developments with augmented reality technology. Another field that is rapidly developing is that of medical software companies using AR to assist medics in their pre-operative assessments (testing out medical procedures) and providing alternative, interactive learning models for medical students.

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