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And the Emmy Goes To…dotTV

PASADENA – dotTV, the exclusive worldwide source for new web addresses ending with .tv, announced an exclusive relationship with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to use the .tv top-level domain for the Academy’s Internet home. Under the agreement, the Academy will replace its existing and sites with–the new global site for the Academy.

“With entertainment programming increasingly being developed for both the Internet and television, is the ideal location to honor the most creative and talented individuals in the industry,” said Jim Chabin, President of the Academy. “We believe is the perfect address to extend our global image into the twenty-first century.”

In the last few months, leading companies from around the globe have adopted the .tv domain to enhance their Internet presence including Sega of America, Columbia TriStar International Television, Billabong, PAX TV, Carsey-Werner Company and more than 150 broadcasting organizations, including affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and UPN.

“People all over the world recognize the Emmys and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as the judge of television programming quality,” said Lou Kerner, CEO, dotTV. “The Academy is joining an impressive list of high-profile organizations enhancing their marketing and visibility by creating a new online identity on the .tv domain–the new face of the Internet.”

dotTV is a registrar and the exclusive worldwide registry for second-level domain names in the .tv top-level domain through an agreement with the country of Tuvalu. The company is dedicated to creating the premier top-level domain so that companies, organizations and individuals can create the Internet brands and identities of the future. dotTV received its initial funding and support from idealab!, a leading creator of Internet businesses.

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