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A Mobile Phone That Doubles As A Camera

SEOUL – Korean technology is behind a unique digital camera phone, allowing mobile phone users to snap pictures at will. Samsung Electronics completed development of a flip-open mobile handset that comes with a 1.5-inch TFT-LCD and has digital camera functions built in.

The unit can take 20 pictures at 350,000-pixel resolution in Regular Mode and 26 pictures in Conserve Mode. A macro (Text Mode) function allows the user to take clear photographs of written text. Standard accessories include a CD-ROM for picture editing and a data cable to connect the phone to a PC.

The camera phone allows people to be ready to record any emergency (such as a traffic accident) or unexpected circumstance that they want to capture. The user does not even need to have film on hand.

The product is expected to be well received by the younger generations, who are accustomed to using digital cameras, and by young parents of small children. A color graphic interface has been achieved with the use of a color TFT-LCD, setting the SCH-V200 apart from mobile handsets with a black-and-white LCD.

To take pictures, the user presses the Camera Mode button on the side of the unit. A camera lens is located on the upper backside of the phone, and the subject captured by the lens is displayed on the TFT-LCD. Once the subject has been framed correctly, the user presses the shutter button on the bottom of the TFT-LCD.

With the high-capacity batteries, the SCH-V200 delivers 170 minutes of continuous talk time and 180 hours on standby. The battery will last for up to 200 minutes during picture taking. The unit measures 119mm x 47mm x 23.5mm and comes with a built-in phone directory, vibration alert and privacy protection function. The phone comes in either silver or khaki.

The Camera Phone is the fifth multi-function hand-held phone developed by Samsung, after the Internet Phone, MP3 Phone, Watch Phone and TV Phone. The company continues to explore new ways to apply its advanced digital technology to maintain its industry-leading position and make life a little easier for consumers. The SCH-V200 will be available in USA later this year.

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