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A high number of IT pros say their database solution is too expensive

Business needs good databases: an inefficient query can have major impacts on performance and stability.

Image: © AFP/File Fred TANNEAU
Image: © AFP/File Fred TANNEAU

New data reveals that IT Professionals want to adopt a new database because their current solution is too expensive.

The data was compiled by the analytics company SingleStore, based on a survey of 500 IT professionals.

The SingleStore research indicates that cloud migration is the leading reason that organizations are looking to embrace a new database and leave added cost and complexity behind. More than half (at 51.8 percent) of those surveyed said cloud migration is driving them to consider modernization.

The survey additionally discovered that 46.4 percent of the professionals interviewed said they want to adopt a new database because their current solution is too expensive. However, at the same time, 41.3 percent said their current solution does not meet new workload demands.

This suggests a duality between cost and ease of implementation compared with current system capability.

As to what the core issues are industry insiders identify the common database issues to include:

  • Performance slowdowns due to high latency for disk read/writes.
  • Scaling Problems.
  • Incorrect Virtual Machine Setup.
  • Lack of Backup and Monitoring.
  • Query Performance.
  • User and Query Conflicts.
  • Configuration.
  • Capacity.

Looping back to the survey,in relation to operability issues, more than a third (38.3 percent) said that their existing database has reached end of life. Furthermore some IT professionals stated they are considering modernizing their data platform to address today’s requirements and prepare them for success in the future.

With this, many in the industry actually expect to make such changes in the coming months. For example, more than a third (36.7 percent) of IT professionals said they plan to replace their current data solutions in the next three to six months.

In a similar way, a larger share (at 37.1 percent) indicated they will implement a modern data platform in the next six months to a year.

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