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5 things you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 release

There are two S6 handsets
Samsung holds 65% of total Android market share so the success of the Galaxy S6 will be very important to the company. There will be two base versions of the handset, the S6 and the S6 Edge, although both are quite similar in terms of specifications. The primary difference is that the Edge features a display that curves around the sides of the phone, adding unique style and a better fit in the hand.
Samsung needs the S6 to be a hit
The Galaxy S5 was the fastest shipping handset in Samsung’s history but it failed to surpass the S4 in terms of total first quarter product delivery. It also quickly loss momentum in the face of stronger rivals, damaging the company’s bottom-line. Apple was able to regain its crown as the leader in global smartphone sales for the first time since 2011.
Quality has been improved
The quality of the Galaxy S6 has been significantly improved over that of the Galaxy S5. The cheap plastic has been thrown out and replaced by a stronger, more attractive metal and glass frame for sleek aesthetics.
The S6 also adds a fingerprint sensor to rival the iPhone 6 and includes support for wireless payments, a technology that looks set to get a lot bigger in the future. It also boasts the fastest LTE speeds of any Android handset.
Photos will be better
Cameras have seen improvement too. The rear camera is a more powerful 16MP shooter and is designed to work more cohesively across a range of different lighting conditions. The new Galaxy S6 offers a strong 5MP front sensor which makes it easy to take high-quality selfies.
TouchWiz has been improved
Samsung’s customised Android UI has long been derided by people who complain that it looks too juvenile and slows the phone down. For the S6, Samsung has completely reworked it and is now promising that it will never feel slow. Much of the clutter has either been completely removed or hidden away to keep the interface smoother. Although the colourful looks will still draw controversy, the results are a definite improvement over previous versions of TouchWiz.

Samsung slipped a bit in recent years by releasing a series of phones that were evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The S6 looks to change this pattern by finally bringing several bold additions and a series of long-overdue changes to the table. Presuming that the launch goes smoothly, Samsung finally seem to have another very strong contender in the smartphone market this year.

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