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2020 trends on enterprise automation revealed

Among the key trends identified by Tonkean’s analysts are:

App fatigue for both IT and businesses as automation consolidates different app functions.

App fatigue is a growing trend for enterprises. Both IT and business functions in organizations are actively looking to consolidate the number of apps in their environment, and in 2020, organizations will look to automation to take a bigger role in solving their needs. Rather than thinking “is there an app for that”, companies will first ask how we can solve process challenges by extending our existing systems with automation?

Operations teams will become the backbone of businesses as low-code automation solutions open design for every enterprise function.

Intelligent automation will be pillar of operations as businesses move away from automation for low-variability, high-repetition use cases.

Evolution of Task-Level to Process-Level Automation

One of the critical limitations of RPA and other automation platforms today is that automation is focused on specific tasks or point-to-point integrations (according to Forbes). In 2020, automation platforms will begin to take a look at processes more holistically to allow organizations to minimize the number of tools necessary to drive end-to-end process efficiency.

Focus on Human-in-the-Loop Automation

Most business processes are dynamic and require human decision-making, inputs, or actions. Automation platforms today focus only on automating certain components of each business process that can be automated, which allows people to focus on more meaningful work. Organizations and automation platforms will evolve their thinking in 2020 on how to make the human-bot handoff or taking a people-first approach to designing processes and implementing automation.

Ops Teams Take Center Stage

The key stakeholders for automation will evolve from IT and centralized automation teams to functional operations teams in 2020. Empowered by no-code automation solutions, functional operations teams like legal ops, customer ops, etc. will deliver solutions tailored to their own people and processes on top of the existing systems they already have.

Strategic Use of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation platforms will become mainstream in 2020, and organizations will adopt strategic automation initiatives to drive efficiencies across their organization. Companies will also evolve their thinking on how to apply automation not just in low-variability, high-repetition use cases, but also in dynamic use cases that include human input.

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