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10 popular gadgets debuting in March

Keeping on top of all of these trends can be difficult for even the savviest tech enthusiast, especially when you consider how many new items are released on a monthly basis. For example, there are dozens of hot new products that have just been announced or will be released this month.

To help you sort through your options, we have compiled a list of 10 of the most compelling technological advancements.

1. Apple Watch
Perhaps the hottest piece of technology that is slated for a March release is Apple Watch. This latest wearable gadget puts the power of a smartphone on the user’s wrist. The entire industry is basically holding its collective breath in anticipation of either a big success or failure, and the sales figures recorded on March 9 will have a major impact on which direction other tech companies decide to go with the idea of future wearable electronics. Either way, the true success of this product might just be the sense of humor that Apple’s development team displayed when they hid their technology in a case similar to Samsung’s during the testing phase, reports BGR.

2. Ringo the Robot
The latest Kickstarter sensation started with a man, his two young children and a shared loved of programming. After just a few days, this unusual team was able to drum up more than enough support to put their robot named Ringo into production. Although Ringo is being billed as a virtual pet, he is much more than that. In fact, this exciting piece of technology allows users to create millions of possible behaviors and share them with everyone else who invests in Ringo.

3. Anti-Facial Recognition Glasses
The developers at AVG are sensitive to the fact that many people are concerned about living under constant surveillance. To help thwart facial recognition software, AVG has created prototypes of eyeglasses that make it impossible for the wearer’s face to be properly detected, according to Digital Trends. Although this is just in the prototype stage, it is one of the most intriguing technological developments that have been announced this month. The possibilities for this product range from preventing Facebook from auto-tagging you all the way to keeping your privacy more secure in public.

4. MYO Armband
The MYO Armband from Thalmic Labs mimics the basic idea of the Leap Motion Controller, but it also takes the process much further. In a nutshell, the wearer of the MYO Armband will be able to control their mobile device or computer wirelessly by using nothing more than their arm muscles. Rotations and motions make everything come to life, and this could be very useful for people who have certain types of disabilities.

5. Om/One
One of the worst qualities of the average speaker is that the sound can easily be absorbed and transmitted through nearby walls. However, this problem might have been solved by the innovative Om/One device. This Bluetooth speaker actually levitates in the air, and this one simple but futuristic design component should drastically reduce the amount of noise that people outside of the room are able to hear.

6. Sense ID
Digital Trends also reported about another new piece of technology: the Sense ID feature. This will enable smartphone companies aside from Apple to put fingerprint scanning to work as an enhanced privacy feature. This new feature was created by Qualcomm, and the company recently announced that many major cellphone manufacturers will begin utilizing it in their new models this year. Sense ID will reportedly go further than the Apple one touch passkey, and it is expected to replace passwords for buying apps and making payments.

7. Kristall Liquid Screen Protector
Putting a screen protector on your phone or tablet is essential in order to avoid scratches and smudges, but it is also almost impossible to affix the protector without ending up with a few air bubbles. Kristall’s Liquid Screen Protector is being touted as the solution to this problem, and the latest version is available now. As the name suggests, you put a liquid onto your phone, and it provides protection without being visible. This product is available for iPhones, the Nokia Lumia and the Samsung Galaxy.

8. Smart Rope
Ringo is not the only Kickstarter success story for March. The Smart Rope has become fully funded, and backers will soon begin receiving this new exercise gadget. The Smart Rope uses LED technology to link the high-tech jump rope to the user’s smartphone. This process makes it easier to meet and track fitness goals.

9. Stratos Bluetooth Card
Are you tired of carrying all of your credit cards with you? Stratos has created a simple solution: the Stratos Bluetooth Card. You can sign up for one of these cards right now, and you should receive it by April. Users are able to load all of their cards into one Bluetooth enabled option, and they will then have the choice of which credit card to virtually select each time they make a purchase.

10. Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung unveiled their latest Galaxy creation at the beginning of March, and consumers should be able to get their hands on it within one month. This latest competitor to Apple’s iPhone will be made from glass and metal, and it will also include fingerprint technology.

All of these items are either available now or have been announced since March 1. Some of the most interesting pieces of technology are the products that have been crowdfunded, but major names such as the Apple Watch are certain to have a long lasting impact on other developers.

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