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Teen Tasered at Philadelphia Phillies game (video)

Baseball fans have seen it before — a fan either gets too drunk or excited and suddenly scampers across the field, as the crowd cheers him or her on. But last night in Philadelphia, where the Phillies battled St. Louis, a 17-year-old endured a shocking end to his mischief.

Steve Consalvi, of Gilbertsville, Pa., wore a red Phillies National League Champions T-shirt and khaki shorts, and ran around the outfield waving a white towel and eluding several security officers. Moments after swerving around a few outstretched arms, Consalvi was caught by a uniformed bicycle patrol officer wielding a Taser.

The officer deployed the Taser and the teen slid into the ground. He was soon detained by other officers.

Consalvi was checked into Methodist Hospital and was later released with no injuries.

His mother told My Fox his behaviour was unusual. “He is a wonderful kid. This isn’t like him.” She added, “It was stupid, absolutely stupid.”

Phillies spokeswoman Bonnie Clark told media they’ll be talking to the police to determine whether it was appropriate for the officer to Taser the fan.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said from what he’s seen so far, the “officer acted appropriately, and I support him 100 percent.”

The Phillies lost to the Cardinals 6-3.

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