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Ryan Murphy talks ISL, Los Angeles Current, Goldfish Swim School (Includes interview)

Murphy shared that he is excited for the International Swimming League season to start. “It is just around the corner. I am excited for the show that we will put on for the fans,” he said.

“Everything is moving in the right direction. I honestly can’t wait for the meets to get started so that I can get in the dual meet mindset. I’ve missed that a ton in the past two years ever since I stopped competing at collegiate meets. It will be great to get into that again,” he said.

Murphy had nothing but the greatest remarks about four-time Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg, who is the General Manager of the LA Current. “It’s awesome. When I was looking at the U.S. teams, I wanted to swim for Lenny. He is very personable and I enjoy his process. He’s a backstroker and somebody I wanted to model my career after. He has become a mentor to me as an athlete and as a businessman. He has a work ethic unlike anyone I have ever seen. It is really impressive to see,” he said.

At the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, Murphy won two silver medals for Team USA in the relay races. “It was definitely not my best meet. It was a big punch in the gut for a lot of people on the U.S. team. I was very upset but I am more driven for next year. I am really excited to make some improvements,” he said.

On a lighter note, the World Championships in Gwangju were a great learning experience for Murphy, and there were a lot of takeaways for him. “I talked to my coaches and they are on board with changing things up for next year,” he said.

He has partnered with the Goldfish Swim School. Murphy posted a video on Twitter on August 21 in honor of #WaterSafetyWednesday. This video clip teaches children important life-saving skills such as treading water, in an effort to keep them safe in and around the water.

“Goldfish is an incredible partner. What they are doing to get kids in the water and teaching them the gift of swimming. Whether they want to become Olympians or if they want to get comfortable getting in the pool at a water park, it doesn’t matter. Goldfish is exposing hundreds of thousands of kids to the water every single week and I think that’s so impressive. They are continuing to grow at a staggering rate,” he said.

Murphy added, “Goldfish is made up of quality people with a quality mission. They are a really awesome partner for me. They are doing an incredible job in terms of growing the sport.”

For his fans and supporters, he said, “Thank you so much for your support. I feel your support and I read your messages. Let’s have a big year. I am excited to put my head down and grind. I hope you guys can continue to support me along the way.”

To learn more about Ryan Murphy, check out his brand new official website. “My parents were very instrumental in this website. I am super grateful to have such a good supporting people around me. My family has been an incredible support,” Murphy said.

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy partners with Goldfish Swim School

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy partners with Goldfish Swim School
Goldfish Swim School

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