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Review: Olympian Josh Davis wins big at Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile (Includes first-hand account)

Davis, age 46, finished in first place in his age group (which consists of men ages 45 to 49), and he was second overall with the age conversion, behind Eric Christensen, age 44. The proceeds from this event benefit the Lake Cane Restoration Society.

This year, Lucky’s Golden Mile celebrated the 30th anniversary of their daily lake swim. The overall winners and overall “swimmer of the ages” will be recognized with real gold and real silver medals. Particularly impressive about the gold medal is that it contains twice the gold of an Olympic gold medal.

In addition, the hammerhead swim caps have a honeycomb technology, which can be a lifesaver, especially to help prevent head collisions. They are made of silicon and they are expected to last a long time.

The Lucky’s Lake Swim has been proclaimed an iconic event by the Historical Society of Central Florida.

On June 3, Davis will be a part of the USA Swimming Foundation’s “Make A Splash” Tour in San Diego, California, along with Ryan Murphy, Jordan Wilimovsky and Rowdy Gaines. On June 5, Davis will be visiting Corpus Christi, Texas, along with fellow Olympians Cullen Jones and Rowdy Gaines.

To learn more about five-time Olympic medalist swimmer Josh Davis, which he operates with his wife Shantel, check out its official Facebook page.

For more information on Josh Davis’ Breakout Swim Clinic, visit its homepage.

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