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Review: Olympian Jason Lezak spotlighted in ‘Champion’s Mojo’ podcast (Includes first-hand account)

To this day, Lezak is the fastest anchor of all time, and he is the General Manager of the Cali Condors swimming team in the International Swimming League (ISL).

He underscored the importance of self belief in the “Champion’s Mojo” podcast, which was co-hosted by Kelly Palace and Maria Parker. “Believe in yourself, don’t focus on what other people believe,” he remarked.

“Having a goal is important but being able to follow through, to do what it takes to achieve that goal, is even more important,” he said. “When I was younger in my career, I wasn’t always willing to do that. I wasn’t always willing to listen to what the coach had to say and believe in it, so I took responsibility, I believed in what I was trying to do, and then I followed through on it,” he recalled.

Ever optimistic, he noted that it is essential to recognize negativity, which should subsequently be reframed and replaced with positivity. One needs to be a student of life, sport, career or anything that one wants to succeed at in life.

Lezak also opened up about life during quarantine, and how it has had its challenges. He would do swim clinics around the country for 20 years, but those clinics have been put on a hold. He noted that he really enjoys sharing experiences and stories with the youth that want to pursue the sport of swimming. “It’s tough not to have personal contact with people,” he said.

“ISL has been great,” he admitted, and he shared that the ISL is still trying to put together a season for the athletes, where they can compete in a safe fashion. He is excited to be announcing his Cali Condors roster soon, which he described as “really really good.”

His Champion’s Mojo interview is available by clicking here.

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