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Review: Michael Andrew uses the technology Lumen in his swimming routine (Includes first-hand account)

In this vlog, he opens up about how he uses the technology Lumen, a device that hacks your metabolism, which knows if your body is using fats or carbohydrates for fuel. Andrew also demonstrates how he uses Lumen and how it can help other athletes as they try to achieve their full potential. To learn more about Lumen, check out its official website.

Andrew also shows his fans snippets of his weight training session, as well as him practicing the 50 meter freestyle sprint. He promises his fans, followers, and subscribers that he will be updating his vlogs on a more regular basis.

In 2019, Andrew was a part of the inaugural International Swimming League (ISL), where he competed for the New York Breakers, for which he also served as Vice-Captain, with Tina Andrew as the General Manager of the team.

To learn more about Michael Andrew, follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

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