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Op-Ed: Golden Girls of Canada, it’s your time to shine

The Olympic cauldron was finally boiled in Vancouver. The VIP’s very well shaped public outlook, embedded in their “social status” doesn’t allow them to do the things that young people dare doing in public, that’s why there’s all the fuss about everything. They do even worse things behind closed doors when they still represent something or somebody – no matter if they wear flags or libra pins on the left side of their Gucci suits or wear holy crucifixes dangling on their necks.

All of the sudden, young and Golden Girls with lots of adrenaline, wearing Olympic gold on their necks (that really did cost them a lot of personal sacrifices), did something that outrages many. What, the Bloody Hell, did they do? Did they play and have fun at someone else’s cost? Did they jeopardize something?

They showed their Olympic spirit in their own way and they had their own right to demonstrate their enjoyment.
But also they relieved the pressure that was put on them by the program Canada Owns the Podium. I am sure they didn’t steal the Olympics from anybody and didn’t do anything against the bill C-47 outlined by VANOC well before the Games started.

The gold was theirs so was the whole fun with all these young individuals.

Now the IOC officials, who seem to be losing contact with the vibe of the streets in Vancouver, are very quick saying that they want to “investigate”. Excuse me?, Investigate what? The Girls drank wrong beer and advertised different brand that was not from the manufacturer that couldn’t have been the sponsor of the Games?, or advertised the Cuban cigars? I beg your pardon…?

I am personally surprised that they didn’t smoke weed, actually with their American opponents. But hey, nothing is lost yet. The Guys are on their way to gold and they will get it.

Thank you, Golden Girls, you rock and we are proud of you! You showed that there was “your time to shine”, you showed a real Canadian spirit and you had your full and inalienable rights to do this!
Go Canada Go! – all the way!

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