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Op-Ed: Bob Arum likely to ask Manny Pacquiao to endorse Hillary Clinton

Arum, who has been attacking Clinton’s Republican rival Donald Trump is openly supporting Clinton’s candidacy. While promoting the Pacquiao-Bradley trilogy fight last May, Arum said his views differ from Trump’s immigration platform.

“My position on immigration and Hispanics is diametrically opposed to his,” Arum said. “What he is doing is preaching hate. So I’m standing up for my Hispanic neighbors and all the Hispanic kids who fight for me. I mean, somebody has to stand up to this crap,” Arum said.

“These people deserve legalization and they can’t be demonized as rapists when they’re not,” Arum added

Despite their having worked together on some big boxing events in Trump’s Atlantic City casinos, Arum said he could not accept Trump’s anti-immigration policies.

The possibility of Arum discussing an endorsement with Pacquiao for Clinton’s campaign in the Nov. 8 US presidential elections isn’t remote. Arum knows what Pacquiao’s endorsement can do for her campaign. Pacquiao endorsed Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in the last election, and he helped win what appeared to be a lost fight for the Nevada senator.

Pacquiao is no stranger to the Clintons. Both Hillary and former president Bill Clinton are fans of Pacquiao and they always have good words for the Filipino boxer whenever he fights in the US.

While Arum did not say if his Manila trip has something to do with Clinton’s presidential campaign, it is hard to believe that his only purpose is to convince Pacquiao to fight on Nov. 5 which is four days before the US presidential election.

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