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NHL Trade Rumors: David Krejci still an option for Canucks?

Several rumors have made headlines in recent weeks, but the latest from The Hockey Writers could have the answer. Nick Bondi has suggested management could look at moving defender Alex Edler, a move that could land some good young prospects or a veteran scorer the team needs.

David Krejci of Boston is a player that has been mentioned recently and with the Bruins looking to add youth, moving the veteran for a player like Edler makes sense. This trade would give both franchises what they are looking for heading into the 2016-16 hockey season and possibly enough to help Vancouver reach the Stanley Cup Playoffs, something they failed to reach last season.

The 30-year-old Edler has played nearly 600 games in his career and while not a spectacular defender, he plays a ton of minutes and does a terrific job in what he’s asked to do with the club.

Krejci is also 30 years of age and one of the games better offensive players, but injuries have cut a couple of his seasons short. Despite missing some time, the veteran has five years in the league with 60 or more points. Vancouver had just two players with more than 40 points last year and their scoring woes made it difficult for the fans and the team last season.

This time of year is relatively slow in the NHL, but trade rumors keep the league in the public’s eye. It’s not often a potential deal is good for both sides, but if the trigger can be pulled between these two teams, it would definitely improve both rosters and create a buzz with the fans.

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