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NFL Rumors: NY Jets already looking for another quarterback?

The problem is a few franchises aren’t happy with the depth in place and for the NY Jets, finding a quarterback has become a big issue. The team has gone through several signal callers in the last decade and none have led this team to a Super Bowl.

Geno Smith is the latest QB to be given the job, but the youngster has yet to give any impression he will become the type of player this organization needs and that has led to speculation of moves that could help, with the latest being a possible trade with San Francisco for Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick has led the 49ers to the NFC Championship and came just one yard away from a showing in the Super Bowl, but after Jim Harbaugh leaving for Michigan, reports of the youngsters work ethic and leadership skills have been questioned.

With the amount of money San Francisco has invested in the 28-year-old, another bad start to the year could have them looking for another option and one that comes at a lower price. Running quarterbacks don’t generally last long in the game and dealing him now while he’s worth something could be in the best interest of the franchise, because everyone knows the NFL is a business and losing games and money doesn’t sit well, especially for those teams used to winning.

Both of these franchises have high expectations for the 2015 season, but things change quickly in football and if the dominoes fall in place, a trade during the year or before next years draft is a possibility and for the NY Jets, it could be the move that finally gets this team past New England in the AFC East.

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