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NBA Trade Rumors: Kenneth Faried to Toronto Raptors?

The Raptors have had three straight years of success, with last season being the best in the history of the basketball team. Resigning DeMar DeRozan was big and the team did use two first round picks in June to add some depth in the front court, but this team needs another star player, someone to take the pressure off the youngsters and provide some scoring and rebounding help.

Over the last month several trade rumors have hit social media. Most have the team targeting a player that has no chance to fit under the team’s salary cap space and would require stripping the bench of most of its talent in order to complete, but there have been some reports of late that have Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried being mentioned in trade talks. After a closer look at the situation, one could make a good argument on the deal moving forward.

Denver is looking to make changes and the 26-year-old is the most likely trade target. Not only can he score around the rim, but his rebounds per minute of play are among the best in the league for his position, but the Nuggets want more of an outside threat and a player that can play off the wing, not exactly the strength of the former first round pick.

Toronto has a hole in the paint and are one injury away from risking their entire 2016-17 NBA season. Making a deal now would add the player they need to grab some rebounds, but also good enough to add 10+ points per game. Faried can also help the youngsters learn the ropes of playing an 81 game regular season schedule and provide some off court leadership.

With the start of training camp just around the corner, rumors will begin to circulate and while most have little or no merit, this is a move that could help the Raptors and give Denver the type of players they need, making this a win-win situation for both franchises.

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