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NBA Rumors: LA Lakers looking to deal Julius Randle?

There’s no doubt the “Purple and Gold” need more talent on the roster and general manager Mitch Kupchak is doing his best to give Bryant one last shot at winning another championship. However, it will take a big trade for this franchise to have any hopes of winning a title this season.

Rolly Gacelo is just one of many basketball experts to express an opinion that Los Angles is looking to make a trade for Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, but the latest reports have last year’s top draft pick Julius Randle as part of the trade package to land the big man.

Randle came into the league with high expectations, but the youngster from Kentucky played just 14 minutes before a season-ending injury. Randle is reportedly at full strength after his long layoff and with his potential and age, he could be the player that helps the Lakers land a superstar in the coming weeks.

Kings head coach George Karl isn’t a big fan of Cousins and has made it public that he would like to move the 25-year-old, giving both the young center and Sacramento a fresh start, but what is good value for a player that average 24 points and nearly 13 rebounds per game last season?

It all depends on how badly Karl wants to move forward, but Randle, along with another young player and possible some draft picks, could be just what is needed to get this trade done. Nick Young is a possibility, especially with his scoring ability.

Jordan Clarkson is another possibility now that the Lakers have added D’Angelo Russell with their first pick in this summer’s NBA Draft, but no matter who gets moved, Los Angeles must make a move now or risk being an afterthought again this season.

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