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NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls looking to deal Rose and Butler?

With Pau Gasol likely leaving through free agency and the front office looking to make some roster changes, trade rumors have started and Derrick Rose has become the latest name targeted by other teams.

Fan Sided has reported that Philadelphia could have interest, especially with a lack of depth and experience in the back court. The 76ers have the first overall pick in the draft later this month and many expect the team to take Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram, both front court players. With the front office having used top picks in recent years on the center and power forward positions, making a deal this summer to land a point guard makes sense.

The veteran guard has also been linked with Sacramento as the Kings will lose Rajon Rondo this summer, but this deal would hinge on draft choices over the next couple of years. If the Bulls are really going to rebuild the franchise and Sacramento not likely to become a top-8 team in the Western Conference, it could get the Bulls some high quality young talent to begin the process.

Rose isn’t the only Bulls player on the trading block. Plenty of news and rumors have hit social media regarding Jimmy Butler. Inquistr has reported that a deal with Boston for multiple picks in the years NBA Draft could be on the table and a closer look at the talent available shows it could be a good move.

One thing is certain, the front office will be busy over the next few weeks and this squad could look much different entering next season, but if done correctly, it won’t be long until the Bulls are once again considered one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

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