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NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland Cavaliers?

With the start of the season comes rumors and one player reportedly on the trading block is Carmelo Anthony. The NY Knicks don’t have the players on their roster to make much of a push this season and trading their star player could land the franchise some young talent and future draft picks.

Marc Cantave has suggested the Cavs could use Kevin Love in a deal to land Anthony and while some would squash such a move, a closer look at his proposal could make this a win-win for both franchises.

New York would love to move a big contract of an aging player for a player of Love’s stature. The Knicks lack presence in the paint and a younger star would help generate some good publicity with the fans. The team is also in the largest market in the league and that could help the NBA promote the squad, something that hasn’t been possible in recent times, despite Anthony on the roster.

A deal between the two would also give Cleveland another veteran presence and a scorer that could help take some pressure off LeBron James. The two would make a formidable duo in the front court and help spread opposing defenses with their skills on and off the ball.

There is little doubt that Golden State showed flaws in the Cavaliers offense in the Finals and with little done in the off season to add another scoring threat, making a deal now would give the team time to create some chemistry and perhaps make the franchise favorites for a title.

While big name trades rarely occur this close to the season, it has happened in the past and worked for both parties. This trade would make big headlines for the teams and the league and create a buzz with the fans heading into the start of the regular season.

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