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NBA News and Rumors: Lakers looking to deal second overall pick?

Much of what general manager Mitch Kupchak will do depends on Philadelphia. If the 76ers select Ben Simmons, the chances of a trade increase dramatically.

“Magic” Johnson has stated that Simmons is the best all-around player to enter the league since LeBron James, but some experts are worried he doesn’t have the offensive game to become a big time star. If Philly feels that way and takes Brandon Ingram, look for Kupchak to take the LSU star in a heart beat.

With that being said, reports have surfaced of potential trades that could take place on draft day. Bleacher Report writer Kevin Ding has reported that Los Angeles would like to add a veteran, the type of player that could benefit the youngsters currently on the roster, but with free agents bypassing Southern California in recent years, a trade might become their only option.

Rumors earlier in the year had Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins as a possible target, especially with the young center’s relationship with head coach George Karl — but the team let the coach go after the regular season, leaving any potential trade now in limbo.

Several other players, including Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls and DeMar DeRozan of Toronto have been linked in potential moves this off season with the LA Lakers. Both of these young shooting guards would take the place of retired star Kobe Bryant, but could either of these players actually lead this team back into the playoffs?

Cousins is the best option. The young man has off court issues, but that’s nothing new for this team and his ability to dominate the paint, makes him a perfect fit with the young back court in Los Angeles and a move that could potentially put this franchise back on the map as a team to watch next season.

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