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NBA News and Rumors: Jimmer Fredette to Cleveland Cavaliers?

Jimmer Fredette is one of those players, despite having played in the league for five years and four different teams, the former first-round pick is still looking to make a name for himself in professional basketball.

With most of the bigger names already signed and another strong showing in the Summer League, the 27-year-old could become an affordable backup option for teams looking for help in the back court and the latest reports have Cleveland as one franchise that could sign the former BYU star.

The Cavaliers won a championship by spreading the floor and hitting a good percentage of three point shots in the playoffs this past season, but with limited options at shooting guard currently on the roster, rumors have hit social media on potential moves that could be made and adding a player like Fredette is tops on the list, other than LeBron James actually putting his name to paper this summer.

Taken by Milwaukee back in 2011, Jimmer never played for the Bucks, instead he began his career with Sacramento, but the Kings never used the young man as intended, instead he mostly came off the bench and that began the struggles with his confidence.

Having averaged nearly 7 points and shooting a respectable 40 percent from three point territory, his run with the Kings ended and so did his chance to become a starter in the NBA, but his outside shooting and ability to help stretch opposing defenses, it figures another franchise will give him a shot and the Cavs could be the perfect fit.

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