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NBA announces Clippers owner Sterling banned for life

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the league’s investigation of Sterling’s comments, which included an interview with Sterling, was complete. The probe found that Sterling made the comments “and the hateful opinions” were his, Silver said.

Sterling will also be fined $2.5 million, the highest amount ever levied against an NBA owner.

The views expressed by Mr. Sterling are deeply offensive and harmful,” Silver said. “That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage. Sentiments of this kind are contrary to the principles of inclusion and respect that form the basis our diverse, multicultural and multiethnic league.”

Various news outlets posted conversations between Sterling and his former girlfriend V. Stiviano where the Clippers owner was angry over Stiviano’s public associated with black basketball players such as Magic Johnson.

He reportedly said on the tape: It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?… The little I ask you is not to promote it… and not to bring them to my games.

Silver added he will try to force a sale of the Clippers after announcing owner Sterling has been banned for life.

While banned, decision-making would presumably be in the hands of Clippers coach and VP of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers, as Vox explains, “an African-American who has suggested he won’t be back with the team next year if it’s still in Sterling’s hands.”

Moments after Silver’s announcement, the L.A. Clippers site merely posted the image below:

The L.A. Clippers site after the announcement of Donald Sterling s NBA ban

The L.A. Clippers site after the announcement of Donald Sterling’s NBA ban
L.A. Clippers website

Brands have been running far from the Clippers since the racist remarks were made public. Automaker Mercedes-Benz, used car retailer CarMax, airline Virgin America and the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, Calif. announced they were ending their sponsorships of the Clippers.

Tonight the Clippers face off against the Golden State Warriors in Los Angeles at 10:30 Eastern time.

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