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Meet Jason Koonce, a veteran broker of high-end sports cards and founder of OTIA sports

Sports memorabilia represents the pride and worth of a particular sport for a player or fan.

Jason Koonce is the founder of OTIA Sports.
Jason Koonce is the founder of OTIA Sports. - Photo courtesy Jason Koonce
Jason Koonce is the founder of OTIA Sports. - Photo courtesy Jason Koonce

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Sports memorabilia represents the pride and worth of a particular sport for a player or fan. Owning memorabilia has always been a special thing. However, collecting and owning high-end memorabilia has long been limited to your financial ability and space to house them. Well, the space might not be a significant factor to consider, but perhaps you can agree on the availability of funds. The acquisition of an admired rare collectible is another factor that can lead you to want more. It comes with a lot of fulfillment and joy, with the anxiety of uncovering what’s behind the collectible. More often, less attention is given to the brokers and collectors, despite their spirited efforts to make the memorabilia available to you.  

Jason Koonce, an entrepreneur and sports fanatic, is one of the people who can bring you joy through sports memorabilia. Jason is a veteran broker of high-end sports memorabilia, including sports cards, with decades of experience in the industry. He is also the founder of OTIA Sports, formally known as One Team International Agency, a reputable one-stop destination for all your sports card needs, including all the high-end sports memorabilia you desire. Jason is also the go-to agent for athlete connections, including private and public autograph signings and appearances.  

His industry know-how and unparalleled work ethic make him stand out in the industry. The majority of sports enthusiasts across the country reach out to veteran collectors to get them their desired memorabilia. It may be a rare card, a specific memorabilia piece, or a connection to a celebrity or athlete; Jason has constantly proved to have the means to make it happen. As he says, he pretty much has connections with everyone in the industry and the knowledge on where and how to acquire them. If need be, Jason will also connect you with the person to talk to in order to track it down for you.  

Jason notes that the industry has expanded from what it used to be decades ago to a more modernized market. For instance, most of his clients in the early days were primarily male adults between 25 and 55, but that is no longer the case. His clients cut across different demographic factors, from kids to adults. Jason says that he even has older clients who have been around since the beginning and still hold the same enthusiasm for memorabilia as they did back then. Women have also entered the market, an addition that Jason says is great in many ways. According to him, cards can truly be for anyone and everyone, with no boundaries.

The ambitious entrepreneur remains optimistic for more industry growth in the coming years. Jason says that the industry has witnessed so many changes in the last five years, and he is even more excited to think of what it may look like in the next five. Jason aspires to see the number of collectors increase and grow, including more people worldwide starting to invest in sports cards instead of the stock market. Jason believes that the industry can be a viable investment opportunity for anyone. It’s not only a promising venture to put your money into, but also a fun and thrilling one, too.

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