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Kasia Wasick talks New York Breakers, ISL Season 2, setting goals (Includes interview)

“It was great to be swimming for the New Year Breakers,” she said about ISL Season 2. “We were an underdog team and I feel like nobody expected us to make the semifinals, and we did. We had some highlight performances, the team atmosphere was really great. I was excited to make a lot of new friends. It was exciting to meet new faces.”

She complimented General Manager Tina Andrew and her husband, Peter Andrew. “Tina and Peter are both really nice people,” she said. “It was great getting to know them in the ISL bubble in Budapest. Tina is definitely great at supporting the swimmers. They are really good people and I appreciate them both. I got a lot of good advice from them.”

Last year, she was a part of the Cali Condors swimming team, with Olympian Jason Lezak as her General Manager. “I am very lucky. Getting to know and work with Jason Lezak and Tina Andrew was really an honor,” she said. “Being a part of the Dors last year was a big highlight in my swimming career and getting to know Jason. Even though I was swimming for a different team, I could feel Jason’s support. The entire swimming community is the greatest, they are all good people.”

For Wasick, it was extra special that the ISL grand final last year was in Las Vegas, Nevada. “That was really a highlight,” she said. “I was so happy to make the finals last year. I always dreamed of racing in Las Vegas, in my hometown. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas,” she added with a sweet laugh.

This ISL season, she dominated the women’s 50 meter freestyle events and earned a lot of points for the New York Breakers. “The ISL gave me a huge chance to improve myself, I needed a chance to race and I enjoyed every race. I took it one race at a time, it was such a hard year for all of the swimmers. The ISL gave all of the swimmers hope this year. I am really happy that it happened, it gave us the chance to race this year,” she explained.

Speaking of the freestyle, she listed it as her personal favorite stroke. When asked if she prefers long course or short course, she noted that “long course” has always been her favorite though she enjoys both, and she is happy to race regardless. “Racing and competing are the best,” she said. “Training is fun but getting the chance to race is all I can ask for.”

Wasick shared that she is excited about the Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer of 2021. “I am looking forward to it,” she admitted.

Each day, she is motivated by setting high goals for herself each day in training. “If I go to bed knowing that I accomplished these goals, I am happy,” she said. “I have an amazing family that always supports me and they always motivate me. My husband is always on my side too.

For young and aspiring swimmers, Wasick said, “Trust the process and trust your coach. I have a big belief in my coaches, they do whatever it takes to help me get better. Trust the process and believe in yourself.”

Wasick defined the word success as “enjoying what you do and how you do it.” “Also, falling asleep knowing that you did everything in your power to be the best,” she said.

To learn more about Polish swimmer Kasia Wasick, follow her on Instagram.

Kasia Wasick of New York Breakers

Kasia Wasick of New York Breakers
Mike Lewis, Photo Courtesy of ISL

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