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How Pins & Aces Golf Co. brings fun and ingenuity to the golf course

One company, however, is bringing a whiff of fresh air and fun to the centuries-old gentlemen’s leisurely pastime.

Photo courtesy Pins&Aces Golf Co. / Thomas Herd
Photo courtesy Pins&Aces Golf Co. / Thomas Herd

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One crucial feature that makes one an entrepreneur is seeing a business opportunity where others with a less keen eye do not see it. It would seem that little if any can liven up such an old sport as golf, known as a sport of the wealthy, where traditions rule and emotions are subdued.

One company, however, is bringing a whiff of fresh air and fun to the centuries-old gentlemen’s leisurely pastime. Or what used to be that way. Because golf is becoming more democratic and younger with a new demographic joining the sport.

Meet: Pins&Aces Golf Co. 

Nick Mertz, Pins & Aces founder, a devoted golfer, and an e-commerce entrepreneur spotted a void in the golf accessories department when looking for golf club headcovers. No matter where he looked, he could not find anything amusing or unique. Instead, what the market offered was boring and uninspiring, without a trace of a golfer’s singularity.

So Pins & Aces stepped in to provide high-quality and uniquely designed club headcovers featuring original motives such as a beer can or a boxing glove, or even a state flag, and many other equally unorthodox and inspiring designs. No wonder the products have received a warm welcome and became popular with amateur golfers and even pros since their launch in 2018. 

Thanks to Pins & Aces, golfers can express themselves with more freedom and ingenuity. From headcovers, the company diversified into manufacturing golf apparel that includes polos, hats, gloves, belts, pullovers, and more. In the accessories department, Pins & Aces offers golf bags, towels, and, among other things, the funniest ball markers on the market—Samoa cookie and Pimento Cheese Sandwich being just two examples of other no less amusing markers. In recognition of the brand’s growing prominence, Rafael Campos, a Puerto Rican golfer, will sport Pins & Aces polo at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. 

Moreover, thanks to its enthusiastic approach to golf and its impressive following, Pins&Aces has recently partnered with Bud Light. Among other Bud Light inspired golf products that the partnership will roll out is a handy beer sleeve where golfers can stash up to seven cans of beer and slide them unnoticed into a golf bag. That is just another example of a witty and handy gadget the Pins&Aces has up its sleeve.

To learn more about what the company has in store for golfers of all demographics, visit their website or check them out on Instagram

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