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Highlight of the Week: Steph Curry sinks another half-court shot

It shouldn’t be a surprise to NBA heads, but once again all-star point guard Steph Curry is draining ridiculous shots with the ease of a young Larry Bird.

In Thursday night’s game against the Magic, time was running down in the third quarter with the Warriors leading 96-91. Curry had the ball, and crossed half-court to suddenly heave up the rock and sink a three-pointer all the way from San Francisco. Curry celebrated his long-distance shot with a look out into the crowd, and with his teammates when he headed to the bench.

The Warriors went on to beat the Magic 130-114.

Curry has been nailing half-court shots with ease in the past couple months. Remember on January 22 when he sunk not one but TWO half-court shots against the Pacer?

A couple weeks ago during the All-Star Game in Toronto, Curry also sunk a half-court shot to end the game, which elicited ooohs and ahhs from the crowd:

Last night’s game was notable for another reason. Curry isn’t only breaking ankles but also breaking records. He has hit a 3-pointer for the 128th consecutive game, setting an NBA record. Atlanta’s Kyle Korver held the previous mark of 127, which Curry tied at Miami on Wednesday.

Curry is on pace for another MVP season. He is leading the league in points at 30.7/game and in three-points made at 5.

The Warriors lead the league with a 52-5 record, but the Spurs are hot on their heels with a record of 49-9.

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