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Chatting with Anthony Ervin: Four-time Olympic medalist swimmer (Includes interview)

At the U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship, Ervin won three races: the 50-meter freestyle, the 100 meter freestyle on Friday, and the 50 meter butterfly. “I hadn’t done the 100 meter freestyle in a long time, so that was definitely intimidating,” he said. “It was fun.”

Ervin is a part of fellow Olympian Josh Davis’ Breakout Swim Clinic. “The Breakout Swim Clinics are great. I’ve got most of my training on how to do clinics by doing them with Josh Davis,” he said. “Obviously, I have my own style, but Josh does such an incredible job that I still take the opportunity to play back-up quarterback for him in a clinic. Josh is all about inspiring the kids and getting them to believe in a bigger sense of their own selves. He does a great job with that.”

To learn more about the Breakout Swim Clinic, check out its official homepage.

Each day, Ervin is motivated by his family. “I try to build a wonderful life with my family,” he said.

On winning four medals at the Olympic level, he said, “There was a mix of feelings: there was a sense of triumph and recognition that I didn’t do it alone.” “It was the accumulation of a lot of hard work and I managed to win a couple of times,” he said.

For young and aspiring swimmers, he said, “There is so much flux in this sport. The fall follows the summer and the winter follows the fall. Things will change. Be prepared and be aware of those changes, and ride them as best as you can.”

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Digital transformation of aquatics

Regarding the impact of technology on the sport of swimming, Ervin said, “Technology has changed it a lot. I don’t think I’m necessarily a faster swimmer than I was 19 years ago, but now, we have wedge blocks and tech suits, and learning how to use those has much more potential to making you faster.”

“Part of the journey is adapting to new technologies and making use of them to improve what I already have,” he added.

In regard to recovery purposes, Ervin admitted that he is not a fan of the cold tub, but he did use NormaTec.

He defined the word success as “always moving forward” and “being able to set the terms of what that is.”

To learn more about four-time Olympic medalist swimmer Anthony Ervin, check out his Facebook page.

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