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Boxing vs. UFC? Mayweather vs. McGregor? Could it be in cards?

Mayweather to fight again?

Mayweather, who retired last September after a unanimous 12-round decision over Andre Berto (on the heels of his unanimous 12-round decision over Manny Pacquiao in May of 2015), sits at 49-0 and when he left the fight game claimed he was happy to stay there.

But this week he’s made rumblings that suggest comeback. He said he would consider coming back “for the right price.” He didn’t zero in on Pacquiao as his opponent but the optics would surely be too sexy to pass up.

Yours truly here at DJ, is on record saying a rematch with Pacquiao has long been in the books thanks to all the money at stake. Money from producing The Fight of the Century II and from the drama of a fighter looking to retire at 50-0 (thereby eclipsing Rocky Marciano who retired in 1955 at 49-0).

Mayweather against McGregor

But one fight that has been discussed would not register on the record book for any boxing organization, not the WBA, WBC, WBO or IBF. That would be the dreamed-of-battle between Mayweather Jr. and UFC champ Conor McGregor.

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Mayweather has made rumblings to the effect that a bout which amalgamated the two sports might be of interest to him. And why wouldn’t it? After all, they don’t call him Money for nothing.

However, it’s been floated Mayweather would get the lion’s share of revenue. His split with Manny Pacquiao was 60-40 and they each made a haul (some reports have it at $200 million for Money, $120 million for the Pac Man).

Should he fight McGregor it’s been floated that the Irishman would get $7 million, Mayweather the rest.

Judging from remarks made today by McGregor’s head trainer, John Kavanagh, that won’t be the case. “There was talk that Conor would get $7m and Floyd would get the rest of it. It will be an even share or Conor will not do it. There is nobody generating the type of media that Conor is.

“It would have to be an even split,” he added. “Conor is not going to take it if Floyd is getting more than him. Floyd needs Conor more than Conor needs Floyd right now.”

Kavanagh acknowledged the artistry of Mayweather but said Money would have a problem in any ring/cage with his fighter. “Floyd is amazing. He is incredible,” Kavanagh said. “I don’t think there is a boxer who could beat him. He has figured out boxing, but Conor doesn’t move like a boxer.”

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And how would such a battle proceed? To date, no one has even broached that difficult subject. Is there much chance we’ll find out who’d win such a cross-discipline, hybrid of a fight? Put your money on money, because if there’s enough of it to be had with such a bout, it is very possible indeed.

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