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Avoid an own goal: Euro2024 ticketing scams revealed

For those seeking to snap up a ticket, it is important to know how to spot fake tickets, verify sellers, and safeguard the purchase.

The European Union and Hungary have been at loggerheads for months
The European Union flags. - © AFP Brendan Smialowski
The European Union flags. - © AFP Brendan Smialowski

For those seeking to buy tickets online this summer for Euro 2024, ticketing experts advise making these seven checks before you press purchase. This advice is to avoid scams and from being defrauded.

For those who enjoy a football-filled summer the “Euros” are to be played from mid-June. For those seeking to snap up a ticket, it is important to know how to spot fake tickets, verify sellers, and safeguard the purchase.

To support people who are intent on finding and buying tickets to watch their nations in Germany, ticketing firm TicketCompare has presented seven common mistakes to look out for to avoid losing money and missing out on big matches to Digital Journal.

The advice is:

#1 Avoid fake ticket websites

If you are unable to purchase tickets from official sources, then the next best thing is to buy them from websites with a good reputation and track record of reselling tickets. In this way, you make sure that the tickets are real and that your money does not get stolen.

#2 Confirm ticket authenticity

After you have bought the ticket it is crucial to verify that the ticket is not fake. Look out for any signs of suspicious ink, such as smudging or blurriness, which can indicate a counterfeit ticket. The quality of the paper is also an important factor since fake tickets tend to be made of cheaper and worse-quality paper.

#3 Check the seller’s social media

If you are buying the ticket in person then it is a good idea to check the seller’s social media before meeting them. This can help to get a sense of trust before buying.

#4 Check your digital ticket details

After buying your ticket online, make sure to check details such as holograms, barcodes, and seating information to guarantee your tickets are genuine. Holograms are almost impossible to copy, so that is noticed straight away. Barcodes can also be written incorrectly by scammers so it is advised to check them.

#5 Beware of links and attachments

During your search for tickets, make sure to be cautious of links and attachments sent to you. Scammers can use links and attachments to get your personal information and even your finances. Reliable resellers do not typically send unsolicited links or attachments via email or messages.

#6 Don’t trust street sellers

Buying tickets from people who sell them close to the stadium is not advised at all. These people pray for the desperate fans who are willing to pay over the price to watch their nation play. At best, you will get grossly overcharged, and the chances of the tickets being fake are quite high, so avoiding them completely is the best choice.

#7 Report suspected scams

If you come across a fraudulent ticketing website or suspect you’ve been scammed, report the incident to the local authorities and relevant consumer protection agencies.

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