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Instagram account shames drivers who park badly

“This person actually thinks they’re parked,” reads the caption on the below photo. “In the middle of the street. They’re blocking two driveways!”

Living in Los Angeles, Farrell sees people trying to pull off horrible parking jobs all the time. She acknowledges that it isn’t exactly a new problem.

“I work as a makeup artist and I run into the most outrageous parking issues on a daily basis because I travel so much,” she told Business Insider.

After six years of living in LA, Farrell was motivated to start the account, which was first spotted by LAist, when she moved into a building with only street or metered parking available. This added difficulty was the last straw, and she decided to vent her frustration through Instagram.

“I’m originally from Connecticut and other than during the holidays, I can’t think of any specific instances that made me hate terrible parking jobs,” she said. “LA did this to me.”

The photos she posts include Corvettes that are strewn perpendicular across three or more spots; Range Rovers that can’t seem to stay off the curb; and Jeeps that butt up against minivans without a centimeter to spare.

Farrell uses a photo app to cover up the license plates of the cars, often with comically huge emojis. She also sometimes adds her own color commentary to the actual parking spots using chalk.

“I made a conscious choice early on to not show license plates,” she said. “I would never want to make someone susceptible to having their car targeted by vandals or scorned parkers. It’s all in good fun and I consider it a good place to vent but not a place to put anyone in danger.”

Farrell’s earliest photos were all taken by Farrell herself. But now, she’s opened up submissions to friends and there are so many bad parking jobs to be photographed in Los Angeles, she can’t keep up with them.

Farrell also reposts horrible parking jobs from other accounts, like the photo below, which was taken in Europe.

@ParkingSpotShaming has gathered more than 2,000 followers and counting in a little over a month. Farrell believes it’s so popular because there’s no other outlet for venting frustration when it comes to spotting a bad park job.

“I think people love to hate bad parkers because they are anonymous and there is nothing [we] can do to change it,” she said. “It’s infuriating how inconsiderate people can be.”

This article was originally published on Business Insider. Copyright 2015.

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